I have had a love of movement since I can remember, but during my school and university years that part of me went a bit into the background. At school I always got poor notes in sports since I had no interest for competetion and fighting. However, this went against my inner knowledge of myself as a being in love and talented with movement. In 2006 I began practicing capoeira and my old passion for movement was reignited. I realized that movement has a spiritual meaning for me and began again to honor and celebrate my body as a temple. I soon also started practicing yoga and felt that the wisdom of yoga was in harmony with my inner being. One day my yogini partner Sophia came home, all excited to show me some things she'd learned at an AcroYoga workshop. I was immediately infected with her enthusiasm and we soon began to travel in order to take more AcroYoga workshops together. AcroYoga gave me the perfect opportunity to tap into the full potential of my body for creative expression through movement... and also satisfied a deep desire to work together with people, creating win-win situations. Since me and Sophia couldn't help but want to share this practice with as many people as possible, we started a practice group in Munich which soon placed us in a teacher's role. Finding ourselves in this unexpected position we became even more motivated to continue further training in yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, and this led to my completing a yoga teacher training in 2010. Following Sophia's AcroYoga certification in August 2010, we began teaching AcroYoga full time, with me in the assistant's role until my AcroYoga certification in July 2011. Shortly before attending the teacher training, I sold my bee-keeping business which I had had for many years, and me and Sophia left our apartment in Munich in order to make more space in our lives for our passion for sharing movement with others. We are now both blissful seattled at the beautiful Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany on a mission to water seeds of love and peace in hearts all around!

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