Steph has been involved in creative movement all her life: with a childhood spent practising vaulting and partner dancing, her interest in moving the body playfully has only increased over the years. 
 From being a way to balance her body, yoga has completely transformed her approach to life: Over the past 12 years, her journey has taken her through variety of yoga styles. Steph is a certified yinyasa yoga, AcroYoga and AntiGravityYoga teacher. Her yoga classes are a blend of fluid Vinyasa yoga with elements of Anusara, inspired by dance and partner work. Steph teaches series, retreats and 5-day AcroYoga immersions, mainly in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 
Off the mat, Steph works as a Business Coach and Body Worker.

"My approach is to see every body as unique: We are all on our journey at our own pace, and I truly believe, that, respecting the current step on that way, yoga can be for everyone. In my classes, I strive to create a loving and safe environment with a healthy balance between workout, fun and relaxation. I believe yogis are ready to take the next step in seeing yoga not only as a way to re-connect to themselves, but also as a wonderful means to connect again with each other. AcroYoga to me is that wonderful blend of strength, wisdom and softness that makes this connection to others possible."

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