I first came in contact with yoga at age 14, when I moved to India. The spirituality I encountered there fascinated me. I didn't understand at first what the meaning was behind all the gods and the temples where people would go to sing and pray, but my curiosity continued to grow and with it my interest to learn more. My bedroom window was right above a temple, and every morning I would be awakened by the temple boom box blasting out mantras and devotional singing. Bhakti yoga was all around me but it took a few more years before I found my way to yoga asanas. In 2006 at age 20 I began practicing capoeira and loved the community it created and the way that it made acrobatics seem accessible. My trainer would begin class with a yoga inspired warm-up, which re-sparked my interest for hatha yoga. I tried many different styles before finding Jivamukti Yoga, where I fell in love with the blend of vigorous asana with spiritual activism and quickly began a daily practice. In 2008 Jason and Adam gave an AcroYoga Workshop at the Jivamukti center in Munich. I felt so empowered and grateful to have found a practice that integrated my interests in yoga, acrobatics and massage. I knew this was something I had been seeking for awhile. I began traveling in order to take more acroyoga and thaimassage workshops and was blessed to learn from many amazing teachers along the way. As a Reiki teacher I enjoy letting this energy flow into my massage work, bringing a further dimension of healing into play. The calming energy of Reiki is a beautiful complement to the more dynamic aspects of thai massage and therapeutic flying. Feeling a deep desire to transmit the wisdom of yoga that had been passed on to me to others, I began teaching partner yoga in 2009 and completed my Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer Yarro the same year. Since then I have enjoyed teaching yoga and feel that this will be a life-long journey. It is my deepest desire to share my love with the world, uplifting and empowering those around me and inspiring them to reunite with their highest potential... and Acroyoga is a powerful gift for this journey.

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