Go with the flow, with strong roots and light wings to fly...

With a past of gymnastic when I was a kid, I found yoga about 15 years ago, passing through years of tribal bellydancing and other sports. 
With acroyoga it has been love from the very first time, in March 2013 in my first workshop in Milano with Jacopo Ceccarelli. I had no idea it could exist some practice so fun, playfull which could take out the crazy child inside my self! Acroyoga for me is a growing path, a great passion, a time where i can share with others, a moment where I test my self, my limits, my fairs, it helps me to break my schemes, a great opportunity to measure myself with the other person, listening, trusting, get in contact with him and go over my mind. It teaches me to be humble and share my loving energy, passion with people around me.
I love flying, it makes me express my body being in the present moment, feeling light and free. I love be a base and get the responsability of the other person, feeling grounded and solid, be there for my flyer, becoming one!
Acroyoga is base on the Community concept right now that the world really need it so badly: we need to be together, trust eacher and build something on a community spirit. We need to come back to important values like friendship, trust, respect, heart opening, sharing...
Teacher Training:
Acroyoga Level 1 Teacher Training / Acroyoga.org Febbraio 2016 Goa, India 
Ananda Ashram di Milano RYS 500 (2012-2015) e Association for Yoga and Meditation di Rishikesh, India (RYS 500) in 2014 - Yoga Alliance USA.
Anukalana Yoga con Jacopo Ceccarelli RYT 200 - Samadhi di Firenze.
Balyayoga® (Kids Yoga) RYS 100 and Pregnancy Yoga.
I practice tantic meditation and I attend regularly Vipassana retreats (10 days) in Italy and abroad.

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