Mendel's passion for movement began with break dancing over 10 years ago. His curiosity led him to hip-hop, parkour, gymnastics, and yoga. In 2012, he had his first AcroYoga experience and has since been thoroughly hooked. Mendel became part of the NYC AcroYoga community and shortly after, he became a certified yoga and Level 1 AcroYoga teacher. He teaches a few weekly classes in Manhattan and Brooklyn, ranging all the way from beginner to intermediate levels, especially his monthly handstand workshops. His knowledge of the practice and anatomy has been well recognized, and has garnered Mendel opportunities teaching classes and workshops not only throughout the United States, but the world. 

Being that Mendel is a dedicated acrobatic performer, his focus and method revolve around a sense of flow and full body integration. Constantly striving for emotional and mental self growth, his classes have a sense of purpose, community collaboration, and connection that is unique to Mendel's style.

  • Level 01 regular
  • Active teacher
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