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Lucie Beyer

Move. Connect. Play

"Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; How much it can fill your room depends on its windows." - Rumi  

As a Yoga-, Acroyoga-teacher and passionate bodyworker Lucie teaches workshops, retreats and trainings all over the globe. She works with a playful and hands-on approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient Yoga traditions.   

Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.For more than 9 years she has been running "Die Zauberwerkstatt", an agency for children's interactive circus-projects, theatre and professional training. 

Lucie is co-organizing the German AcroYoga Festival "Kula  

"The love for moving my body started with climbing on each tree I found. I was always running, dancing and massaging. This passion for moving and healing arts lead me to different movement experiences like yoga, acrobatics, ballet & marshal arts. I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever." 

Let´s share the circle!!!

* photo credits by Kadri Kurgun & Darcy Muenchrath