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Lars Kropac

You´re never too old for airplane.

Acroyoga came into my life in 2013. I was asked if i wanted to fly...I said "YES" and I flew. That simple :-)

I´ve been hooked ever since. For me, Acroyoga is like a dance. Giving, receiving, leading, following, caring and respecting. Listening. And answering. To my own needs, to your needs. To my own desires and to your desires.

Most of us underestimate the awesome power and skill already within us. In this wonderful thing we call our body. For me, Acroyoga is about uncovering these skills. A lot of them are already there, sometimes just hidden beneath other layers. I support you on your journey to acknowledge these...

As a base, i feel Acroyoga is a lot about earning your trust. Meeting with you in a shared space. Finding that one perfect spot for lift-off. Seeing you. Taking care of both our bodies. And embracing this soul flying on me. I enjoy guiding your on your first steps, lending a helping hand and watching you grow.

And last but not least: it´s so much fun!!