Since I was a kid, I marked a strong excess of energy, so at home I was put in to take it out through sport. 
 Martial arts like kung fu and karate in my childhood. As I grew up since I was a little boy in the field between horses and cows, I did horseback riding and gaucho skills (equestrian acrobatics/volting) thus having my first contact with the arts of going round and round. 
 The adrenaline came in my adolescence with extreme sports like downhill or mountain biking. Adventure sports such as trekking and high-performance cycling came later. 
 At 21 I learned Yoga, precisely Hatha Yoga. And then came the circus and my love of acrobatics. 
 10 years ago I train uninterrupted handstand and combined floor acrobatics. 
 I formed in sheds and cultural centers. 
 The school of "Circo La Arena", "Circo Criollo" and the "Club de Trapecistas" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
 The school of "Circo Para Todos" of Cali, Colombia. 
 And the school of "Circo del Mundo" in Santiago de Chile gave me my training as an acrobat. 
 8 years ago I met the acroyoga and from there I entered this beautiful family. 
 At the moment I am professor of Solar Immersions of Acroyoga and I only dedicate my life to train and to teach handstands and combined acrobatics of different styles.

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