"Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold" - Joseph Chilton Pearce

My introduction to the world of acrobatics came through Cheerleading - a sport which pulled me from being an administrating couch potato into someone who considered a two-hour dancing, jumping, tumbling and stunting training session to be the highlight of my week! Having come to cheerleading late in life however, the intensity of the practice took its toll and injuries became par for the course. The discovery of AcroYoga was like an epiphany and from my very first class I knew this was a path I wanted to pursue, to teach and share this beautiful practice. I have since qualified as a Yoga Sports Coach, Unity Partner Yoga teacher and Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher, before finally getting my Level 1 AcroYoga teaching certification in 2015 in San Diego, California and my Level 2 in 2017 in Athens, Greece.

The more I study collaborative styles the more I feel these are tools desperately needed in today's world, to encourage engagement, compassion, trust and love. My further passion is for the development of a society that is tolerant and inclusive of those who fall outside of the mainstream. I am fortunate to have worked with many exceptionally talented and inspiring disabled and neuro-diverse people in the performing arts (dance, circus and theatre), as well as encountering my own physical struggles through ongoing injuries and health challenges. These experiences have opened my eyes to a world that often excludes through language, physical structure and prejudice. I am therefore passionate about inclusive and integrated physical practices, finding new ways to move bodies and to open hearts and minds.

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