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Erica Montes


Originally from Brazil, Erica first worked with the body though performance art, acrobatics and theatre. As a performer she became enamoured with going to yoga classes where she found the connection between her physically intense body work in the theatre and eastern practices that promotes mindfulness through physical movement as a vehicle to spirituality. This sparked a lifelong interest in exploring conscious movement and the connection of mind, body and spirit. 

Erica subsequently completed a 200 hour Hatha yoga with Elena Voyce, followed by a 500 Hour certification with the renowned Edward Clark's much celebrated Tripsichore Yoga, and Acro Yoga level 1 and 2 with founders Jason Nemer & Jenny Sauer Klein. Erica is also a qualified Thai massage therapist and enjoys incorporating the knowledge of this ancient healing art into her teaching. 

Erica's classes intrinsically possess an elegant beauty and fluidity. They are the ideal vehicle to express the themes of harmony, balance, spirituality, joy, bliss and mysticism.

Thoughtfully and playfully sequenced to inspire stillness through dynamic and exhilarating motion, the practice place an awareness on the subtle energetic movements in the body and breath, through a beautifully seamed vinyasa resulting in a smooth and uniform state.  

Based in London Erica teaches regular classes and workshops as well regularly running retreats and teaching internationally.