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Daniela Garza

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Shine on!!

Founder of SOHA Yoga TT, Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Monterrey. Graduated with a Double Degree in Monterrey and France.

Certified in Osteopathy & Bioenergetics, Medical Magnet Therapy, Universal Energy, Alkaline Diet, Natural Medicine, Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Massage, and the Sacred Dance of Healing Arts. World Traveler, Daniela has been immersed more than 15 years in bodywork and spiritual practices.

A highly positive attitude towards life gravitates around her shared practices. A devoted sense of service and clear sensitive wisdom is a present through her teachings. Her work as a Yoga and Holistic practitioner inspires very clear and deep understanding on the sacred dance of giving and receiving. She emphasizes in acquiring deep awareness and sensitivity on how to listen, feel and support each individual and bring the energy to the Self.

Currently she offers classes, workshops, retreats, bodywork, and Teacher Trainings around the world including all the sacred arts within Alternative Medicine, Yoga, and the Spiritual Practices.

"We all pulse as one, and this naturally gravitates in a unification and integration of the global family, a realization of soul interconnectedness, and the importance of full devotion to the divine." - Daniela Garza Rios