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Christina Markouli

Love... it surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be ~Khalil Gibran

             ✿ I am an only child who found the big family where I always belonged!

Conceived in London (UK), born in Athens (GR) and raised by the beautiful Mediterranean sea in Southwest Greece, my current home is Brussels (BE) where my inner sunlight meets the long and grey winter.. Thank you life for inventing chocolate, waffles, love and acroyoga to ease the fight!

Being born in a pocket sized body I realized from a very young age that my ‘vehicle’ was a bit too small to contain all what I had in me. The exploration of finding ways to express the gigantic creature that was hidden inside me had just begun as I became curious and excited about anything new! 

After school I went on to become a biomedical scientist but kept on exploring different ways of movement. Acroyoga came into my life in 2013 while I was beginning as a PhD student. I then joined my first jam and got totally hooked! Acroyoga drew all of me immediatly! The community in Brussels was very small at that time but I did have a vision to make it as big as the giant I had in me. This process has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed. It took time, love and devotion but it is now fully blossoming and it makes me humbled to be part of.

Being an only child I now feel blessed to have a big family of beautiful beings who know how to connect, support, love and heal each other. This bursting giant in me is finally resting because acroyoga gives me all the chances to be wild, playful, childish, silly, bubbly and at the same time grounds me, softens me, brings me back to my core where my fire meets with the air and water and is tamed.

❤ A few years ago life -and acroyoga- brought the gift of true love to my path. Since then I teach and grow hand in hand with my partner, Bart, and together we formed AcroPlay.❤ 

Meet me and make sure we get to share a hug and a handstand together!