Level 2 teacher, assisted 5 immersions. Also yogateacher for more than 10 years.

Why I like Acroyoga

I find it beautiful when people find joy in moving their body, in play, in flying! Because we move w-i-t-h another human being, not just alone, we have to expand our awareness to include their body and mind, all the feelings and thoughts that can occur. Acroyoga for me is a magic and powerful movement practice.

It is also a great teacher about human relating, inviting us to grow more concern for eachother's wellbeing, to grow our ability to uplift and support eachother.

So I love this two-faced nature of Acroyoga; the playful and physical moving, combined with the caring and empowering attitudes!

Teaching passions

Acroyoga becomes easier when you invest time in key strength, flexibility and inversion skills. Being a big nerd I like to train that and encourage my students to prepare equally well.

As an acroyogateacher I am known to be very strict with technique as well as with safety (including spotting), but also to be a little clown when it's called for.
Humanwise, I've heard I'm very compassionate, patient and clear with students. Yet I can be firm when a student needs strong guidance and encouragement about being ready to attempt a skill or exercise, or about communication and how we take care of eachother.

I'm looking forward to share, play and simply be human with you!
If you like to know the person behind, visit Instagram @charlotte_is_flying because I'm not much on Facebook.

  • Level 02 regular
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