Foundation Course

Get all the tools you need to start or evolve your practice!

  • Develop your strength, flexibility, mobility, and trust.
  • Achieve new skills you never thought possible!
  • Make new friends
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Start Your Journey

Let’s get this party started! Our Foundation Course (live or online) and downloadable manual are all great places to start your AcroYoga journey.


Foundation Course

Unlock new skills you never thought possible, from the comfort of your own home.


Find a foundation course near you

Our team of experienced Teachers will give you all the tools you need to start or evolve your practice.


Elements of Acroyoga Manual

Everything you need to know to build a safe and sustainable practice.

Foundation Course:
Party Tricks

It’s not just fun and games. Okay, actually it kinda is. You’ll learn through play how to safely base, fly and spot these poses - and more!

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Inversions & Spotting

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Thai Massage + Therapeutic Flying

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Acrobatic Strength Training

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Acrobatics + Flying Transitions

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