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The Solar AcroYoga Immersion is coming back to the UK,  this December!

Join Erica Montes, Pascal Weis and an amazing assisting team for five days of acrobatic training in Bristol!

Five full days of acrobatics in L-basing, Handstand training, Hand to Hand, washing machines, acrobatic sequences, standing acrobatics, and a lot of fun!!

Solar Acrobatic Immersions are designed to train you in the art of training acrobatics safely, using progressive skill building and effective spotting methods. You will learn to co-create a safe environment and deepen your capacity to trust yourself and others. Pave the way for more collaborative and advanced acrobatics regardless of what level you are at today. You will develop strength, increase confidence, train smarter, and develop habits that will support your achievement for a lifetime.

*Please note that you must meet these pre-requirements in order to participate.(see below)

*****This course fulfills an immersion pre-requisite for the AcroYoga teacher training application.*****

For humans who want to:
Deepen Confidence, Spotting skills, and Strength
Deepen Acrobatic Techniques and Transitions at any level
Discover the foundations for Advanced Acrobatics
Learn new skills in a safe and caring environment

Solar AcroYoga Asana sequence
Strength training elements
Alignment, balance and endurance in inversions
Spotting techniques
Specialized Acrobatic flying groups (2 bases, 2 flyers)
foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand & 2-High acrobatics.

Please review the prerequisites in this video: 

...and if you are not sure if you are ready, just ask us and we will support you and find a way to get you ready! 

[email protected]

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