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AcroYoga Fest: Greece 2018

AcroYoga International is hosting a  two-day festival in Greece. The co-founder of AcroYoga, Jason Nemer, will bring his experience and hand-selected team of world-class teachers to this amazing event that will be the pinnacle of the  Teacher Training.

There will be 3 sessions per day with three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, including therapeutics. Whether this is your first experience with AcroYoga or you are a pro, there will be support and challenge for all. 

On Saturday join the graduates of the Teacher Training as they share their practice and inspiration; on Sunday, play and learn with seasoned AcroYoga teachers from across the globe. 

Venue: Fokianos Sports Park

SCHEDULE: To be announced soon

REGISTRATIONS: https://shop.acroyoga.org/products/acroyoga-fest-greece-2018

A % of the  proceeds will go to teacher scholarships for next years trainings.
Come grow your practice and expand your community!
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