The Best Beginner AcroYoga Pose: Front Plank

Are you ready to fly again?!

You probably called this pose “Airplane” the last time you did it. It’s easy, safe, fun and guaranteed to generate wide smiles and open laughter. It requires trust from the flyer and stability from the base.



Just like learning all new skills, going step by step is the best way to master the basics. 



Step One: Get a grip

The foundation of Front Plank is rooted in how the hands connect align with your arms. 

Base: Lie down and extend your hands to the sky while keeping your thumnbs parallel and fingers facing away from each other.

Flyer: Walk over to your base and places your hands, fingers facing forward, into the base’s hands. 

Spend a moment finding a stable comfortable grip and vertical arm line to connect yourselves together.


Step Two: Set Your Feet and Start Your Engine

It’s time for front plank presses! The foot placement here is one of the most important elements in creating a first class flight. 

Base: Your feet should be parallel to the flyers hips, with with some of your heel touching their thigh, your midfoot balancing on their hip bones and toes supporting the bottom of the belly. 

Flyer: You need to hold your shape as the base bends their legs enough for the your hands to grip each other. Think of holding a plank pose and doing a trust fall onto your bases feet. 

Together, with your hands firmly griped, the base will proactive lowering the flyer up and down. Again, this should look like the flyer doing a trust fall forward onto the feet of the base. Practice this many times in a row until the flyer can hold their shape and the base knows how to receive the flyer’s weight with both stability and control. 


Step three: I Believe I Can Fly

With the same set up as the Front Plank Presses, we invite another friend to the party, the spotter. They will stand to the side following the middle of the flyer as they take their first flight. First, the base receives the flyer’s weight by bending their arms and legs. Then, as the flyer leans forward and squeezes their muscles to maintain their straight shape. the base extends their arms and legs. 

Make sure to push your heel in a scooping motion as you push the flyer into the air.  This pose gets easier for both the base and flyer with practicing balance, timing and communication. If the flyer starts to fall, the spotter will step in with some support until the equilibrium of freedom returns. 


Need Some Extra Guidance For an Unparalleled Flight Experience? 

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Feb 13, 2019